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Procurement Services

Online Global Shopping Delivered to Your Door in Nigeria - Why buy fake or over-priced products in Nigeria when you can procure them reliably and cost-effectively from the source directly ?

As an efficient global procurement organization, we have established solid and highly effective relationships with top rated outlets, distributors, and high quality manufacturers.  At ProcureItNigeria, we ALWAYS act as your advocate and ensure that you benefit from the most cost effective deals available. We responsibly and responsively source, negotiate and procure on your behalf by leveraging our market presence, expertise and economies of scale. We also offer technical advice to our valued customers in the process

One of the most valued advantages of using Procure-It-Nigeria is that we make recommendations to you based on solid research while we help match motivated foreign investors, technical partners and franchisers across the divide on request.

Finally, we also offer a wide array of services to travelers from both sides, just try us.


Shipping Services


Want to ship merchandise, cars or other goods into Nigeria from abroad without all the hassles?  Relax - Procure-It-Nigeria can help!



One of the most difficult aspects of importing consignment of goods into Nigeria is know who to trust, who can deliver reliably and how to get the most cost-effective deal possible.  This is where Procure-It-Nigeria excels!


Whether small packages, medium, or earth moving equipments, or entire shipping containers, Procure-It-Nigeria stands with you to make deliver a door-to-door shipping service, with all the peace of mind and at a fair price that you can afford.


For our Shipping Services, we offer air freight, sea freight, and ground operations on both sides of the shore to ensure delivery.

  • Air Freight - We offer Air Freight in two flavors (Regular Air Freight AND Courier Air Service).  Regular Air Freight is the regular service we offer and it typically takes between 6 and 12 business days. Charter Air service on the other hand is targetted at corporate, government orders and high net worth individuals who request special air service. With the Courier Air Service, we provide quick delivery withn 2 to 4 working days.
  • Sea Freight - We offer Sea Freight in three flavors (Roll On- Roll Off (RORO), Containers Shipment, and Consolidated Shipping Services). We also have capabilities for moving heavy materials, vehicles, earth moving equipment, fire trucks and bullion vans (from procurement to delivery) in the safest, most reliable and most cost effective way.
  • Ground & Land Operations - Our vibrant ground operations in Nigeria and the United States is second to none. Our pickup and delivery services are highly effective both within Nigeria and in the United States of America.  In addition to procurement and shipping, we also handle Nigerian & American Customs details, Clearing and safe transportation of goods for warehousing or delivery.

Entrust Your Procurement & Shipping Services to the Pros!

We assure you that you will not be disappointed with our integrity, reliability, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness.  Give us a trial today by either Submitting Your Request to us or by Contacting Us!


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